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Assessing competence of prospective employees / students / staff  from time to time, is daily reality in many organizations.

This is a difficult task.
Especially when numbers are large, it becomes a nightmare.


This is where QUALIA  INTERNET  SOLUTIONS (QUIS) comes to your help with its quality products and services

in the domain of  ‘Online Tests’.


QUIS has custom designed tests, online test platforms, services and much more to offer.


We have more than 50 online custom tests and over 10 years of experience in conducting online tests.

Our collective experience exceeds hundred man years.

       Our Products and Services:


1.     Custom designed Tests including domain. Example: Aptitude Tests, English tests, Mathematics, C, C++, Java, JSP, ERP, XML, ASP.Net, S/W Engineering, etc;

2.     Design and Conductance of Online Tests from our websites ,  and delivery of results.

3.     Testgen for ‘Online Tests by YOU’ a revolutionary tool  using which you can set tests online on our Platforms and Serve / Conduct tests yourself to your Candidates  online.

4.     Pre Test Studies.

5.     Post Test Processing and Short listing.

6.     Online Test Software Development

7.     Any other related tools / software and  services .

 Facilities in our Online Tests


Some  Facilities in our Online Tests:

1.                                Four different Types of Modules or Any Combination thereof, possible in each Test i.e.; Objective Type / Multiple Choice (T1), True / False type (T2), Fill blank type (T3) and ‘Full Para Evaluation’ based on Key Words (T4).

2.                                Results immediately available on ‘Submitting’ the answers, both to candidates and the Organization.

3.                                All tests are Internet based.

4.                                Customer Organizations can have ‘Administrator’ facilities like granting User IDs & Pass words to their candidates, Deleting / Modifying them, Viewing Results of ALL irrespective of place and time.

5.                                 Database entry, modification, uploading  and downloading, 

6.                                Automatic Timer facility if required.

7.                                Good and Easy to follow Graphical User Interface (GUI).

8.                                Use of Robust Technical Platforms and Databases. 

9.                                Quality Pre-Test, On-Test and Post-Test Consultancy and Services.

10.                            Customization at affordable Price.

11.                            All these with our commitment to Customer Comfort  and Satisfaction.

12.                            For a free trial of different types of online Tests, Please Visit us at :  http://www.perisastry.com

Contact Details:  Dr. M.V.S. PERI SASTRY.B.E,Ph.D(BITS-Pilani), Qualia Internet Solutions,
 No: 310, 7th ‘B’ Main Road, 4th BLOCK, KORAMANGALA,
BANGALORE – 560 034. INDIA.               

  Mobile : +91 9845419717 ; E-mail: peri1945@gmail.com  and   contact@perisastry.com