How to use Testgen
Your friendly Online Test Generator and Server
We recommend use of Internet Explorer Browser for both creating online tests and taking online tests

There are two Modes of Operation.
1) Teacher / Member mode,
in which a Member / Teacher (from now on referred to as Teacher)
creates Tests (ie creates Test Name to start with) , Enters Questions ; Views
and Can Edit Questions, Answer Choices, Answer Key / Solution ; and Set / Reset Timers for Test and so on ...
(In a short while You will see the Main "User Options " Page Layout where-in you can see all facilities
available in Teacher mode.
2) Student / Testee mode (from now on called as Student mode).
In student mode, a person who is given a Student ID and Password by Teacher
can Attend / Take the test , the Name of which is revealed to him and
is NOT in suspended state.
How does a Teacher reach the Member Options Page ?
3) First the Teacher has to Login to Testgen, using his Teacher ID and Password. For this he has to type the address in Web Browsers Address bar OR Simply click on the link given to him which looks like (for example)

This can also be reached by -> Member Login -> A01 line Member/Test Author Link
The Login screen looks like as below :

4) Once You Login, You will see the User Options Page which looks like as below:

5) From now on it is intutive and friendly use of Testgen.
But kindly note the following:
6) When you give / input any information; Please do NOT forget to Click the Submit button which looks like any of the below:

Etc; Etc; Etc; .....
7)When you want to Navigate / Move to a Page ; Please follow the Underlined hyper links by clicking on those lines . These are always in colours like blue violet etc;
Example:  Click to set / change Timers
 Back to User Options Page etc;
8) There will be sometimes Instructions which will be in blue / black colours normally. (If the instruction is important, it's color can be red sometimes).

As you start using Testgen, you will appreciate the intutive navigation provided.
9) After you finish even temporarily; Always logout. This is both for confidentiality and for session state reasons. If not you can get into problems.
10) If at any time , you get into any unforeseen problem;
Just CLOSE the browser and restart . You most probably will not loose any information.
11) The same applies to students if they get into any unforeseen problem; while answering tests/quizzes.
12) Always Students' Score records are time stamped. So there is no problem.
13) Students' Login Page looks as below:
This can be reached by the link below
This can also be reached by -> Member Login -> A01 line Candidates Link

14) After you conduct the test , Please Login as Teacher and go to
View results of ALL
page and copy and paste results of the test/quiz onto your Excel spread sheet for further use, and save them separately.
15) Please suspend your tests till they are required to be served to students.
Just before serving the test/quiz, Login as Teacher and 'resume' the test.

All the best. Please Enjoy Testgen.
Kindly give your feedback, We value it the most.
Testgen is created by a teacher / researcher , to help Academic fraternity in reducing repetitive / mundane work of setting continuous evaluation quizzes/tests, evaluating, tabulating etc; etc;
If you feel happy, Kindly recommend Testgen to your friends.
It will help us serve you better.
Thanking You and Looking forward to serving you for a long time.
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