With Qualia Internet Solutions’ ‘Testgen’ you are a 3 way winner
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  is Qualia Internet Solutions’ Friendly Online Test Generator, using which  your Professors / Training /  Technical Professionals,  can create and conduct Tests / Quizzes / Evaluations etc;  with ease.

They can serve them automatically online to the Students , and get instant results. Testgen improves their productivity and helps in cutting down routine work
connected with tests / quizzes.

    "With Testgen You can create OnlineTest/Quiz, edit Questions and Answers, set timers, suspend / resume /delete tests, create Student IDs, Serve Online tests designed by you, Save results . Question types multiple choice, True/False, FillBlanks and FullPara evaluation by key words, are possible. Testgen is highly Teacher Friendly"


Institutions, Students and Teachers, all become winners, when they use Testgen

1) You win as a Student, because

1.1) You get tested in objective and transparent manner
1.2) You will read and review topics often to score well in tests
1.3) Your objective of learning is enhanced


2)  You win as a Teacher, because
            2.1)  Your routine evaluation and tabulation work is removed / minimized
            2.2)  You can modify and re-use your tests and quizzes
            2.3)  Your test delivery and evaluation is automated


3)  You win as an Organization, because

            3.1)  Your Training evaluation is automated

            3.2)  Your customers are happy as the students/trainees are made to learn well
                          due to frequent online tests

3.3)  You have a knowledge management tool in Testgen  which is a good

             “Value for Money   proposition

3.4)  Your savings increase and revenues increase.


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