Instructions for Candidates

(We strongly recommend the use of Internet Explorer browser
But you may use Mozilla Firfox browser also if you prefer that )

Please do NOT use google chrome, as it is likely to give session problems

If you are in google chrome, please close browser window and start new Internet Explorer browser window and proceed afresh


Kindly read all the instructions carefully before proceeding to the MEDITA's Academy of Medical Education's PG_Medical Test Candidates Registration-cum-Login’   Page.
You can go to the Test Page
by clicking on the link given at end of these instructions

NOTE: Please contact your Test Administrator for Test Result. (Result may be displayed automatically at end of test, in Score page, depending on the policy of Test Administrator. )


1.   You are given ‘Student Login ID’ and ‘Password’ by the Test Administrator .
When you click on the link given at the end of these instructions; you
get a Candidate Login-CUM-Registration Page. Please fill the personal details in Page, along with your Student Login ID’ and ‘Password’ into the respective text boxes present towards the end of that page. The Student Login ID and Password, , Name, Email Id, and Spam Question’s Answer have to be entered into the respective text boxes.

Test name ( MEDITAs demo NEET Test1 ), You have to select from the drop-down list.

MEDITAs demo NEET Test1 has ONLY Part 1 .
You can complete a test fully ie; all questions of all parts, in one Login attempt itself .

Test Details Summary for Selecting Test Name in Registration cum Login Page
Test Names Part 1 Details REMARKS

MEDITAs demo NEET Test1

240 Questions, 1 Marks Each, Total Marks 240 , Time 180 Minutes

Total Marks = 240

Total Time =180 Minutes



After selecting test name (which is the last input you give in Login cum Registration Page) , you should click on ‘Submit’ button.

2     If the Registration-cum-Login is successful, you will get the “Welcome and User Instructions Screen”.

      Please Note: Only limited login attempts are allowed. Also Login ID and Pass Word are Case sensitive.
So you have to enter the same in the Textboxes carefully and click the ‘submit’ button.

      DONOT use Apostrophe or single quote or space in any data given by you like your name etc; (Please type your name continuously without any spaces embedded in it)

4.  In the screen that comes immediately after you Login, Please read all user instructions carefully. Then Click on the link:  Objective Type test Part 1” 

5.      Online test Part 1 Questions page would come up.
Questions of Part 1 will be served One-by-One.

Sample Question Page (Questions are serverd ONE by ONE) looks as below:

Question Page (One by One)
5.1)  There will be Only 4 Options in MEDITAs demo NEET Test1 .
 You can select one Radio-Button option and 'Submit' your answer for that Question.
          Then you will get next question.
OR You can click on 'Skip and Serve this Later' .
          Then also you will get your next question.
(The skipped Questions will be automatically Served later if your time is NOT over ) .

OR You can click on 'End Part1 Now' to short-close the specific test Part 1 or 2 or 3 or 4' .

Note: If you do NOT select the Radio-button and just click on Submit, that question is taken as NA
(Not Answered ) and It will NOT be served again; as it is NOT 'Skipped to serve this later'.
In such a case also You will get the next question.
5.2)   If you have any interruption like power failure or internet failure etc;then you just close ALL browser windows and re-start your test afresh with same login ID and Password.In such a case, You will be served the remaining and skipped questions only with your remaining time.

6.      Please note that once you answer ALL questions for a particular Part, Or your time is up; then you CAN NOT go back to that part / section.Result may be displayed automatically at end of test, in Score page, depending on the policy of Test Administrator.

7.     If your time is completely over for part 1,then you will get a prompt window saying ‘Time up Click on OK below’. Click on OK in that prompt box only and WAIT till result page comes up. DO NOT click on any more buttons on this page like Options of Questions OR ‘SUBMIT’ button again.

8.      On the score page of Part 1 , Result may be displayed automatically at end of test, depending on the policy of Test Administrator.

9.       At the end of the test, Click on “LOG OUT” at end of Score Page of Part 1 of the test.


1.      While taking the test, DONOT navigate using the ‘Back’ and ‘Forward’ Arrows in the browser.Do NOT refresh pages.

2.      Please DONOT click on ‘SUBMIT’ and /Or OK buttons more than once.

3.      After ‘submitting’ the Question for evaluation; it may take a few seconds to get Next Question page.
(This depends mainly on network speed, load and the number of questions etc.)
Please WAIT and DONOT click on options of question again OR on ‘SU
BMIT’ button again; while the software is submitting and evaluating your Question.

      In case the same is done it will lead to problems and your TEST will not be considered for evaluation and
you shall get a ‘Yellow Page’ OR a ‘Red Letter Page’ depending on the seriousness of your action.

Please Click on the below mentioned link to go to Login cum Registration page to take the test :

Best Wishes for the Test!!