Instructions to Test Administrators

(We recommend use of Internet Explorer browser)

1.   First You will give to each of the Candidates the Student Login IDs and Passwords supplied by
Mr V A Ramakrishna of Learning Labs
OR generated as per instructions given by Mr V A Ramakrishna.
Candidates are to be asked to go through the instructions as mentioned on


2.      The candidate after reading instuctions, will click the last 'link line' and go to the link given below which is the
Candidate Login-Cum-Registration Page.


      This link is also given at the end of ‘Instructions to candidates’   page  .


3.      Then he gets a Candidate Login-CUM-RegistrationPage. They fill-in the personal details in the Candidates Registration-cum-Login   Page, and the Student Login ID’ and ‘Password’  in the same page towards the bottom of the page. into the respective text boxes .

Only Name, Email, College ,  Average Marks and Spam Question’s Answer  are Compulsory. All others are optional and they need not fill-in.

        Of course  Login ID and Password given by you must be entered.  

         Now they click on ‘Submit’ button.

if  Registration-cum-Login is successful, they will get the “Welcome and User Instructions Screen”  and are already into the test.

Please Note: Better give Only one login attempt as allowed.
Also Login ID and Pass Word are Case sensitive. So they have to enter the same in the Textboxes carefully and click the ‘submit’ button.



4.      Then they get a “Welcome and User Instructions Screen” that comes immediately, they have to read those instructions and have to click on the
‘Objective type test1 (Click First this)” .
Then they get the Part 1 Questions page containing all the questions of Part 1 (Questions are randomized / shuffled and served and the question numbers are NOT displayed)



5.      Students should never go back or forward using Browser Arrows
Please inform the candidate to ‘click only once’ on  ‘Submit’/  ‘SUBMIT’  buttons in respective screens and wait till the next screen comes up. If they go on clicking a number of times, they will end up in “session state problems” and inexplicable error screens. In such a case, the only remedy is to close browser window by clicking on X at top right corner of browser window; and restart a new Internet Explorer session and start from fresh logging in.


6.      After finishing the Clicking Answer Radio buttons for ALL Questions; of Part 1, the candidate needs to click only once on the button “SUBMIT” which is at the end of the Question paper; before the Time for the particular section is over.


a.       if time is left for the section; and Student clicks  on the ‘SUBMIT’ button: a prompt comes up asking whether the test is completed fully OR, the candidate would like to review your answers, as still time is there. In case the candidate has completed the test, he/she can click on “OK” button and WAIT till result page comes up. DO not click on any more buttons on this page like Options of Questions OR ‘SUBMIT’ again.
[If student does NOT use Internet Explorer, this alert may not come-up, and answers will be evaluated immediately on ‘SUBMIT’]

b.        In case time is up for the particular section, a prompt of ‘Time up Click on OK below’ comes up, the candidate needs to CLICK on that prompt’s OK ONLY and WAIT till result page comes up. After clicking on this OK button , Student  SHOULD not click on any more buttons on this page like corrections OR submit-to-view-results   again etc; they should wait  for theScore Page’ that comes up next.

7.      Next, Score page for part 1 comes up. Score will NOT be displayed as per policy.


8.      At the bottom of this Score page of Part 1, there is a Link for “Click to take Objective Part 2 test” –

Instructions for the sections Part 2 and Part 3 ares same as the previous one.


9.      Error Screens and Color codes:


a.     In case of login error, Student sees a pink colored ‘error screen’ He has to go back and correct errors and Login again.


b.     Students should never go back or forward using Browser Arrows. If a student tries to go back and correct answers using Browser Arrows after seeing Score screen, he will get a yellow Screen which has self explanatory text messages (to show if his result is saved OR not in database). If result is not saved in Database as per the yellow screen, then; the Student has to close browser window and may take test again from beginning with a new Windows Explorer Registration-Cum-Login screen; as per the decision of Test Administrator.


c.      A student may get red letter screen, may be due to his errors in navigation like using     browser back / forward arrows etc; which should not be used. OR he tries Question paper link directly etc; this red Letter screen indicates serious Malpractice.


Either in case of red letter screen or Yellow Screen appearing, OR Any other problem like the same question repeating many times (which comes due to virus on Candidate Computers  / network glitches); OR he gets any other unexplainable screens, which may come, in case of virus on student computer node or glitches in network / internet etc; he has to  Close browser window by clicking on X at top right corner of browser window; and restart a new Internet Explorer session and start  from fresh  logging in beginning with a new Windows Explorer Login/registration/.

10.  Exporting report of Candidates after the test

11.  A ) Click on the following link:     

Member/Test Author LOGIN ID        



Use Current Pass Word





   B. You will get the main 'User Options Page'    of   Testgen Software.
       Then in that page, under  the 2nd COLUMN Click on
         OPTION number : 8b1234) To Summarize Results of a Test having All 3 Types
                                                  (Roll Number wise Horizontal Report 1234)
                     to see the results

    12.   YOU must Suspend the Test IMMEDIATELY AFTER All the Students have
             completed the Test as per the steps below
        12.A. Login to Testgen Software as Administrator as above step 11 A.
. In the User Options Page of Testgen which comes next,
                 Under the First Column there is an option     ‘Go to Suspend / Resume Test’
                 Click on that and >> select the required test >> Submit
       12.C  In the next page Click on ‘ Click here to Suspend this test ’ and
                 in next page click on ‘Click here to go to User Options Page’
                 Now Test will be in SUSPENDED state until RESUMED again by Administrator as per  
                 Note 3 below.
        and then
      12.D.  LOGOUT from User Options Page via LOGOUT link in the third column ‘Member   

     NOTE:  1) Even if you SUSPEND the Test, those Candidates who are already Logged-in will
                       NOT be disturbed.
                       They will go on to complete the Test in the normal manner even if test is

                 3)  TO 'RESUME' test again IF any new Candidate-log-ins are required,
                      follow step 12 above except in 12.C You Click on 'Reinstate/Resume this Test'                 
                      Test gets RESUMED immediately